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E-Books in Eduauraa are a result of compiling the best from every author, multiple research papers, approved syllabuses from all boards, which are reviewed by teachers as a final quality check. Eduauraa is introducing ebooks that are not just notes but elaborated concepts with questions & answers. Every tiny detail is covered in the ebook, in line with the syllabus of each board which is very essential for a student. The ebook consist of detailed indexes, mid-maps, topics, sub-topics, detailed explanation of concepts, summaries, keywords, important terms, etc.

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Eduauraa Biology eBook Cover
Eduauraa Biology eBook Chapter - Cells
Eduauraa Chemistry eBook Chapter - Microscopes
Eduauraa Biology eBook Chapter - Protoplasm & Cells
Eduauraa Biology eBook Chapter - Nucleus

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Eduauraa App EPQ - Eduauraa Proficient Quotient Screen

EPQ - Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient

EPQ (Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient) provides required reports and study analytics to enable a learner to evaluate it's learning milestones. AI (Artificial Intelligence) - based evaluation is used to map the learning curve of each learner. Quick learning solutions are provided to improve learners vulnerable areas.

By combining all various input aspects of a user, AI (Artificial Intelligence) - based EPQ plays a key role in analysing and interpreting vast amounts of learner data. We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) technique to check the sequence of responses to determine learning pattern's, growth progress, and vulnerable areas to provide instant important user analytics.

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EA - Eduauraa Assistant

With Eduauraa Assistant, Learners are able to plan and schedule their learning requirements. EA works as an assistant to schedule learning milestones. Learners can schedule their study of a learning video for a future date. EA helps a learner to choose a desired date and time for the study. Learners will get required notifications and alerts as per their schedule of learning hence pushing them to study as per their plans. Learners can also schedule learning milestones as per the study goals.

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