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How to help a Child to Read: 5 Weirds Tips try in Pandemic

How to help a Child to Read

Reading aloud together with your child is beneficial if you want your child to have a knack for reading.

It is better to involve various kinds of books to get an idea about the wide range of knowledge that it has to offer.

It is very important to keep on with the process and have patience to let the method workout gradually.

There is no doubt that there is a lot to learn from schools but at the same time we cannot ignore the fact that activities at home can provide much than a school usually does.


1. Introducing Reading Habits Earlier in Life

Help your child associate pictures with words.

We remember 10% of what we read, 30% of what we see, and 80% of what we experience.

This fact also works in a child's life.

If you introduce them to what they read, see, and experience, they will retain it much better. 
It is better if we introduce a child to just ordinary spoken language than a paper containing words.

We can do that by reading out a book to them which has its benefits.

Once they are acquainted with listening skills, their knowledge of words will grow, and it will also impact their imaginative power.

In such an instance, it will become a cakewalk for them to read books.

If children find any book entertaining and at the same time have difficulty in pronouncing the words or understanding their meaning, a parent's guidance can work wonders in such a case.

By reading out to them, you propel them to better off their reading skills and sense of understanding or perception.


2. Reading, an Important Chapter in Life

It is usually suggested that you should read to your children at a particular time of the day, even if you have work or chores to attend to.

You can read to the children jointly or separately.

If the children find that the stories are complicated, they should be free to ask questions and provide proper answers.


3. Be Patient

You may find that your children prefer the same books to be read every day.

However, do not discourage them in such a case as it only highlights your child's area of interest and wonder.

Also, it may satisfy your child emotionally. Be patient with them and introduce your child to different books one at a time.

This will eventually lead to a place where you want your child to be.


4. Enjoying What Children Read

It is very important that children enjoy what they read if they want to be avid and fluent readers.

It would be best if you lured children towards books which will make their reading enjoyable.

Reading as an activity should be inculcated earlier in life.

This will develop a strong foundation that will be of help in future times.

There are so many advantages to reading that it is not an easy task to count them.

It helps one to have an open mind and to become a better human being in one's course of life.