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Akanksha Chaturvedi,

- Founder and CEO of Eduauraa

A young entrepreneur on a quest to bring about a change in the the education scenario in India, Akanksha Chaturvedi founded Eduauraa, an Edtech venture that aspires to provide high-quality education at an affordable cost. Realising that education is the the central pillar of any country and that access to quality education should not be limited to a child’s socio-economic background, Akanksha aims to make Eduauraa a household concept.

A graduate from UCL, London and postgraduate from Columbia University, Akanksha spent her college days studying urban planning and business, which made her realise how the development of a country can be accelerated through a disruptive and relevant business idea. Her in-depth research on the subject helped her understand that access to quality education can change the face of the economy and aid the development of a country. She started working towards her goal of providing affordable, accessible and quality education of the highest standard, reinstating education as a right and not a privilege. Her quest to provide quality education as a self-sustaining business model of the highest standard was a reflection of the most superior quality education she received from her esteemed alumni. It is her vision to be able to provide this quality of education at an affordable price to the young students of India through Eduauraa.

Keeping in mind the need for quality education and to make Eduauraa a part of most households, she partnered exclusively with ZEE5 making her a pioneer in the EdTech industry. With easy access and an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience on an OTT platform, Akanksha envisioned digitally disrupting the educational system in the nation which will open gates to premium education at an affordable cost. The educational content on Eduauraa will be available in English and Hindi so that the vernacular hindrance is completely annihilated.

If digitization can democratize entertainment then why not education? With Eduauraa, Akanksha strives to achieve what multiple OTT platforms have done for movies and drive an education revolution in the nation by creating a self-sustaining entity that proliferates with time.

Akanksha is a conscious millennial of today's India. In her free time, this young disruptor likes to read fiction, and travel and is a trained contemporary jazz dancer. Besides this, Akanksha sits on the board of the prestigious YNG (YPO Next Generation) as Learning chair and on the EO future leaders committee. A people person, Akanksha positively leads a team of 210 bright minds into the future of Eduauraa.

Eduauraa was founded with the vision to be the premier learning platform and provide world-class education at INR 419 (approx) per month, a very competitive price to ensure pricing is not a barrier for anyone who wants to learn and educate themselves and to collectively take India to the next level of health, development prosperity.

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